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Bathroom Tile Trends – The Hottest Designs in 2017

Bathroom Tile Trends – The Hottest Designs in 2017

One of the most common places that you will find tile flooring is in the bathrooms of homes and commercial buildings like salons, restaurants and boutiques. Trends are plentiful in this space, but we honed in on those that seem to be making a stand (or come back) for favorite bathroom tile designs in 2017.

Honey, do…

Elle says, “…if 2017 could have a shape, it must just be a honeycomb.” Geometric tiles, in general, are trending up this year. In particular, hexagon bathroom tiles are popping up on designer’s shopping lists as they outfit the perfect bathroom. Whether it’s patterned, base white, or marble, hexagon tiles are flying off the shelves. 

Pop of Color

Colored tiles patterns are have grown in popularity. Not only are the options diverse, the result is a design unique to your bathroom. There are two ways to achieve a designer look — either opt for a painted tile or use colorful tiles as well as base colors side by side to create geometric shapes. The result is eye-catching and jazzes up an otherwise plain bathroom.

Going Vertical

Designers are also flipping their style vertically. Using regular old subway tiles in a fresh new style, we’re seeing more and more tile designs pointing towards the sky. It’s a modern take on a tried-and-true, durable, and affordable classic that also offers an elongated aesthetic. Try it out for a twist on what Apartment Therapy calls another hot bathroom trend, the French door-style shower.

Retro Returns

The popularity of classic design is surging in 2017. Typically, this design incorporates the basic black and white tiles that add up to so much more than the sum of their parts. The aesthetic provides a clean, retro look in bathrooms. As HouseBeautiful says “when it comes to classic design ideas, black-and-white tile is king — while it can fade in popularity, it never really goes out of style.” And now, they are making a refreshingly retro splash in bathrooms everywhere. Black-and-white mosaics add a perfect vintage touch to bathroom design and complements nearly all color schemes.  

If you are going for old-world luxury, you the glossy shine of polished tile achieves a luxurious finish. Achieve contrast with basic subway tiles, a white marble and polished black-and-white mosaics for this dreamy spa-like bathroom.

Copper Touches

Rustic elements, like copper piping, handles or accents are also on the rise. These features pop against a classic subway tile or in a design that blends metallic tile with lighter elements and concrete accents. 

Shine Bright

Matte colors, particularly blue, green and earth colors — like espresso, continue their ascending popularity trend. But, coloring outside the lines with a high-gloss colored tile can yield incredible artistry. You’ll end up with an aesthetic that provides both textural and color contrast like that of this whimsical pink bathroom.


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