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The Top Tile Trends of 2018

The Top Tile Trends of 2018

Cersaie, the world’s largest exhibition of all things tile, was held in the last quarter of 2016 in Bologna. Naturally, the predictions for the tile trends of 2018 started rolling in after the five days of “retro patterns, vibrant colours, huge slabs, plenty of terrazzo, graphics, and grids, and new designer collaborations” as coined by Azure Magazine in their recap of the tile-palooza. What does this mean for you? Whether you’re finally getting your dream kitchen (or bathroom) with a full remodel, or making a new space your own, there is a whole bin of new trends from which you can choose. 

Here’s what the top designers are buzzing about for tile trends in 2018.

Tiny Tiles

Nancy Mitchell, a tile enthusiast who writes for Apartment Therapy predicted a few tile trends that will be big in 2018.  On the top of her list is tiny tiles. From penny-shaped to hex tiles to square mosaics, these tiny tiles were popular in the ‘70s and early 2000’s are making a comeback in 2018. From metallic to marble, we’ve got great options for tiny tiles


Photo: GRT Architects

Terracotta Tiles

Another design enjoying a resurgence in popularity is terracotta tiles. Virtually designer’s prediction list includes these earthen tiles. A fitting since 2018 if the Year of the Dog and closely associated with earth elements. Terracotta tiles “inject a natural, rustic tone to interiors and bring an instant warmth and comfort to a space,” according to Decorist’s Jessica McCarthy. 

Photo: Yellowtrace

In particular, glazed terracotta tile is enjoying a “high-style” status. Cococozy’s laudable interior design blogger and home furnishings designer, Coco, says, “after years and years of subway tiles reigning supreme, the Moroccan zellige tile, which is a glazed terracotta tile, offers the same classic shapes with a high-gloss finish and subtle texture that can make any space feel custom and high design.”

This material also plays into the earthy color palettes that we’re seeing more of out of Italy. Kristin Coleman of the design and architecture-focused, Novita PR, explains that “color palettes range from dirt, clay, and sand browns; forest, moss and grass-like greens; red and golden tones reminiscent of the sun; and shades of blue to evoke an oceanic feel. This trend has become popular partially due to a revival of 1970s style along with a greater focus on nature and its ability to create a sense of natural serenity.”

Geometric Shapes

Geometric-shaped tiles benefited from an increase in diversity in 2017 and for good reason. Neat shapes like diamonds, hex, x’s and h’s, and fish scales give a room subtle life and texture. This upward trend in both supply and demand for geometric designs continues in 2018 with new shapes popping up. We are big fans of this multi-colored herringbone geometric design and these Moroccan-inspired mosaics

Matte Finish

Decorist’s Jessica McCarthy says that we may be seeing less glossy tiles and more matte. “Using a matte tile allows for the shape and color of the tile to become the main focus rather than the finish. It also adds a layer of sophistication and simplicity to a space. I also love the beautiful contrast they create with metallic fixtures.” We are loving this basalt line with a nice matte finish. 

Photo: Office Insight


The Ceramics of Italy group is also seeing pastel tiles move past the popularity of millennial pink. There is a rise in blush, lavender, sea green and yellow shades that “create a light, soft, and calming effect.”

Photo: Mandarin Stone

Terrazzo Twist

Terrazzo tiles are another design trend that continues to gain strength after popping onto the scene in 2017. Azure magazine says it’s now “on par with marble, wood and concrete-look designs. Dozens of designs are now available ranging from cement to epoxy terrazzo, traditional to modern colors, and glossy to matte finishes. As opposed to traditional terrazzo, which can become very slippery or fade when used outdoors, porcelain offers a durable, versatile, and cost-effective alternative.”

Black Grout

Black tiles on black grout create a sleek, stylish wall that is also easier to keep from becoming grimy. Similarly, designers are trending with darker grout to create greater contrast in spaces. This technique works particularly well for jazzing up subway tiles on lower budget projects.

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