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Trends We Love: Our Favorite Bathroom Tile Designs of 2018

Bathroom tile design has come a long way in the past few years. Minimalist trends have given way to creative designs that incorporate new materials, bright colors and interesting shapes. Nowadays we’re seeing bathrooms with a lot more personality, fresh aesthetics and luxurious feel. Here are some of our favorite bathroom inspirations for 2018.


These mellow tiles create a relaxed atmosphere transforming your bathroom into a haven of respite. Layering the texture and mixing up the color scheme adds dimension, while the soft colors invite you to take a moment and breathe deeply.

Photo: Chris Vaccaro


Matte tiles are gaining popularity for their chic and modern aesthetic. Not only do matte tiles offer understated elegance, but their low maintenance upkeep is ideal for bathrooms. Bonus: they don’t show water marks quite as easily as their glossy counterparts.

Photo: Yellowtrace

Floor to Ceiling

We love the cohesive look that is created by selecting one material and extending it from floor to ceiling. By using the same tile in a vertical application, bathrooms are elongated and the design’s continuity creates a spa-like feeling.

Photo: Mark Roskams


The patterned tile of open frescos of South America, Mediterranean and Moroccan and Turkish design are quite stunning. While it isn’t all that common in American design, patterned tile is trending up and we couldn’t be happier about it. Patterns add texture and life, brightening spaces with bold color and shape. 

Photo: Rachael Stollar

Photo: Alyssa Rosenheck


The classic navy and white color combination has come back in a big way recently. Soothing and stunning, navy and white color schemes can are easily made distinctive or unique with a mix-and-match of materials. When choosing the perfect navy blue bathroom floor tiles, consider mosaics, hexagon tiles, or grid tiles to add texture. If the bathroom is on the smaller side, opt for large tiles to create the illusion of visual spaciousness. 


Blues and Greens

It seems like you can’t look at design ideas in 2018 without seeing a resurgence of green and blues color schemes. From pastel shades to bright glass tiles, green design brings  a bright, retro feel back to bathrooms. We’re also seeing a lot more blue-green hues in addition to shades from baby blue to navy. 

Photo: Jared Kuzia

Photo: Kriste Michelini

Photo: Dustin Walker

Focal Walls

A great alternative to taking the pattern plunge, but still incorporating a pop of design, is to create a focal wall. Otherwise traditional bathrooms benefit from an understated flash of color and personality. 

Photo Source: David Papazian


Trading Subway Tiles

Subway tiles will be popular forever due to their classic lines and affordability. But there are a few trends that are making subway tiles take a back seat for an edgier aesthetic. One is grid tile, of which  Apartment Therapy’s Nancy Mitchell says, “Those 4×4 square tiles that graced so many ’50s and ’60s bathrooms? Well, they’re back. When paired with sleek, modern elements, they seem less dated and more like a charming throwback, somehow both cutting-edge and quirky-vintage all at once.” Look for these tiles in bright colors versus the typical white of the subway

Photo Source: Dezeen



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