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Timeless Tile

Timeless Tile

“My design philosophy is always focused on creating luxury design that is timeless. This means the overall design can stand the test of time and be just as current tomorrow as it is today, with a feel of sophistication that incorporates beautiful, interesting materials in a well-conceived environment.” – Alene Workman, dwell Magazine

Among the smattering of current design trends, a timeless design trends more strongly every few years. With good reason — there are countless reasons to opt for a timeless aesthetic regardless of trends. Alene Workman garners national recognition for her luxury interior design. We often refer clients to her top ten tips for timeless design and thought we would share a few of our favorites with you.

“Always design the ‘bones’ of the interior (walls, floors, ceilings) to be permanent since these set the stage of the overall design.” – Alene Workman

Regardless of whether you’re custom building or remodeling your existing home, you’ve got one opportunity. Kitchen remodels carry median price tags of $60,000. You’d need rockstar patience (and bank accounts) to change designs as quickly as trends. Timeless tile for wall, floor and ceiling design means it can stand the ages. It also increases your resale values. Estimates indicate that timeless design can recoup approximately 67 percent of your investment when it comes time to sell. 

“Use natural materials like stone, fine woods, and marbles that convey a sense of strength and everlasting beauty.” – Alene Workman

White marble tile is one of our favorite selections for timeless design. It lasts the ages with clarity and an irreplaceable clean aesthetic. It’s worth noting that white color schemes are associated with purity and clean slates, synonymous with happiness (and marketable for resale). Stone is a material that we sell a lot of due to its timeless appeal and its natural slip resistance from varying degrees of surface texture. Glass is also a tried and true choice for timeless tile design. 

“Timeless luxury design can be contemporary, modern, traditional, transitional, or casual eclectic as long as it is done with quality details and thoughtful choices.” – Alene Workman

We aren’t suggesting that you should keep your personality out of your design or opt for a lifeless, stark room. Timeless is not synonymous with muted or expressionless. There’s is a lot of diversity in a simple, clean designs ranging the spectrum from vintage to eclectic. Classic tile designs like herringbone, chevron or the always-in-style black and white hexagonal pattern add classic dimension to a room’s aesthetic.

Mix it Up to Add Dimension

Arranging timeless materials in unusual design or with a darker grout selection yields a unique feel and eye-catching aesthetic. A popular approach to designing with common materials like subway tiles and marble and is to mix up directions and sizes, amplifying dimension without sacrificing timeless elements. 

Another plus to timeless bones is greater decorative freedom for non-permanent selections, like furniture and paint. When permanent features are timeless, incorporating trendy pieces and accents is easier and more cost-effective than replacing a floor.

Photo: Erica Dines

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